Future Fables

6 Channel Video work in loop / 32 (in) monitors (each)

The work examines our current ecological crisis as the result of a mechanistic view of the earth, where nature exists only as a resource for humans to use. We are living in the wired moment, we need not speculate about Apocalypse anymore; we are in the middle of it.

“The world is looking dire: Anthropogenic climate change is accelerating, the petro- chemical experiment is in full force, resources are depleting, species are vanishing, climate refugees are met with increasingly militarized borders, forests are burning, oceans are dying, we all have plastics in our blood and the COVID-19 pandemic still holds a strong grip on the world. Meanwhile Vladimir Putin has raised the stakes of nuclear threat once more as mil- lions are fleeing a war-torn Ukraine. In Yemen Children are starving. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are colonizing space. The Far right is on the rise around the globe and disaster capitalism is feeding off the poor. People are tearing each other apart on social media. Oil spills, earthquakes, hurricanes and school shootings are common news events. Homelessness is endemic. The necropolitical war machine is tearing through the Middle East.Algorithmic governance has put us under constant surveillance.” Jenny Stümer and Felicitas Loes, The Apocalyptic Word- Why begin with the end of the world?

Apocalyptica No 1 / 2022 DOI:10.17885/heiup. apoc.2022.1.24602