Wounded (series)

Constructed Korean Hanji Paper 60" dia x 5", 2019

The work titled Wounded alludes to the scars that we as human beings are constantly leaving behind, with our selfish and self-centred actions in this neo-liberal capitalist world. For art historical reference of this embedded pathos, Galhotra decided to revisit the Wound series of one of her favourite artists, Somenath Hore.

Following the cue of this legendary modernist, she adopted a similar approach of mark or scar making on the surface. The process itself becomes a metaphor of performing the perceived pain; in Galhotra’s case, the pain of the earth. The paper-casts bear the imprint of marks by sharp objects into the surface, which has been then made to settle. The heavily textured surface with incisions represents the fragile earth we inhabit. The circular shape of the canvas in turn has a geological connotation imbued with environmental concern.

Woundedalso originates from a constant question in the artist’s mind, stemming from the observation of the constant despair, disagreement, hatred, ego, and lack of empathy: “Where are we going?” This question may seem illusive, but the answer is pretty obvious. It is but our stubborn pride in human civilization that prevents us from accepting the obvious calamity, and accordingly change our behavioural patterns. In the mad race of technological progress, humans leave the planet more and more wounded everyday without understanding that they inflict the same mortal wounds on generations to come, on those who are yet unborn.