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Un(promised) ----- Film- Single Channel- Panoramic projection- 17:23ms, 2022

‘Exuberance on the earth is constant, with or without us.’  Vibha Galhotra.

An unidentifiable protagonist (a nomad in times) is slowly collapsing, thinking about how we will reconcile with what’s lost and what is left. The duration of this collapse is hungry, thirsty, lonely, and homeless. There have been assumptions about the coming apocalypse.

The origins of life are now far from the legacies of modernization and globalization that stand failed. The mountain of hope is now full of dried-up water bodies and ash remains of the carcasses. Can the five fundamental elements be rebuilt from scratch? Can the world reimagine all of them in a new skin and form? What of the mutants hidden in the deepest layers of the earth’s surface? Text, archival, and newly shot footage [Un]promised tells the story of the extinction through the body and memory of the protagonist, who aimlessly walks through vast landscapes before an eventual collapse.

[Un]promised proposes a notion of time travel marked by fear and loss, highlights the moments of deep geological time, political wrongdoings, wars, modern-day slavery, mass illegalized and forced migration, floods, wildfires, capital hunting, spaces race, nuke race, lost and co-opted futures and failure. Film shot in India, Israel, Jordan and Palestine and presented in a panoramic format, the 17.23mins film (in color, with sound) revolves around an unidentifiable protagonist, a nomad of both space and time, who wanders through a non-descript yet dramatic landscape which is slowly collapsing from a dearth of sustenance and resources. Through the body, experience, and memory of the protagonist, who aimlessly walks through vast landscapes before an eventual collapse, Galhotra speaks of a humanity that has been pushed into an unbearable toxicity due to the prevalent forces of capitalism and exploitation.

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