Negotiated Necessities

Staged Photoworks, 2008

Archival Print on photorag hahnemuhle paper 24" x 72"

Concerned with the increasing departure from nature, my works attempt at developing as a critique of hyper consumption as it is played out in the late capitalist experience. In the work, negotiating necessities, i deal with a set of unspoken fears that hound our future. These series of photographs, betray anxieties about environmental degradation. Masks become a satirical motif for the human willingness to adapt to ecological and lifestyle changes we are willing to make in the name of progress.

In these series of staged frames, the mask seemingly blends into our daily lives and fashion with alarming ease. the rather matter-of-fact settings of these photographs, i hope to strike a chord with the viewers and hint on the fact that the environment is falling apart not just on vague streets and in far off cities, but in their own lives, perhaps in their own personal spaces. its akin to a wake up call for those who are ignorant to or see but avoid internalising the constant changes for the worse happening around them.