Mountain to the Sea

Sculpture, Looped Sound, 2022

During my stoy here along with high, motivated fellows for the Jerusalem International Fellowship, I hove been engaged in My continual research about the changing human-nature relationship in the epoch dominated by mindless human activities or the Anthropocene I believe that recoiling the knowledge systems of the post will remind us of the ways to amicably co-habit on this planet with other species.

While the oral traditions of almost all world religions hove spoken about human-nature relationship and sustainable ecosystems, the humours greed to own natural resources and thus power in this present capitalist age, has mode this anthropocentric relation hostile.

The Jerusalem International Fellowship is an ideal opportunity to initiate dialogues with diverse religious traditions and beliefs; the city being a cosmopolitan and contested hub for three major Abraham. religions— Judaism, Christianity and Islam in particular. Topping into oral accounts of religious myths and hymns that interrogate the relationship between man and nature, from the perspective of leaders and practitioners of each religious group.

I initiated o collaborative audio-visual installation work during my time here, which I believe, will continue further and grow into o larger work. So, I call this work-in-progress... For Misc., I produced this work os a sound object where 1 used the Jerusalem stone to create the object to bring in the local element of memo,

Voices in the Project
Yosefa Zaoush  Vocal Artist
Motta Brim Boyaner Hasid
Rabbi Yonatan Neril Founder and director, The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development
Diana Lipton Teaching Fellow in Biblical Studies, Tel Aviv University
Adel Qadamani The muezzin of the mosque
Kadi Dr. Iyad Zahalka Judge of High Shaia’a Court of AppealsDirector of Israel Shari’aa Courts
Yehia Quttieneh The imam of Omar’s mosque in the Old city
Victoria Hanna Vocal artist
Rabbi David MenachemRabbi of URIEL community
Rabbanit Yael Shimoni Educator, Artist, teaches in Yeshivat Drisha, member of Studio of her own.
Moshe Halbertal Professor of philosophy and Jewish Thought, Hebrew University Jerusalem
Fr. Alberto Joan Pari , Fr Mark Vertido Palafox, Fr Lorenzo Pagani , Fr Juan David Rodriguez  Barahona, Fr Johnny Jallouf, Fr George Jallouf, Fr Flavio Curto Gutierrez
Francicscan of the Custody of Holy Land
Fr Samuel Holy Sepulchre
Fr Theophilus Alosshalemy Coptic Church
Moalem Barakat Coptic Church
Nun Inokinya Irodiona Alexander Podgorie Nevsky Church

Behind the camera Aaron Paz : cinematographer