Meri Kahani Aankhon ki Jubaani

Public participatory project, 2016

The project Meri Kahani Aankhon Ki Jubani centers on the theme of how identity pivots around a kind of social contract that can only be broken through personal re-invention of the codes that have been used to represent us and our underlying behaviors. The project aims at exploring the complications of being and the importance assigned to the physical body in determining identities, experiences, and survival. In the same context, the vulnerability of the female body can lead her to a vegetated state of mind which further feeds into complete oblivion about her own fundamental rights to freedom and a dignified life.

This project is an attempt to decode the silent world of the Perna and Sapera community women. Through a collage making exercise, the project will study these women’s selection of images, colors and patterns and will decode the visual imagery to understand the stories underlying these facets. The project Meri KahaniAankon Ki Jubani is about investigating the minds of these women to gain insight into their conditions of existence through the medium of art.