Construction De[Con]Structlon [Re]Construction

Kinetic work, digital print on PVC fabric

The cyclical nature of events has always governed our lives, and nature has shown us that every object has a point when it dissolves into oblivion and then (eventually) regenerates. This post Derrida take on the words construction and deconstruction makes us dwell upon how we make and break cities around us and reflect on the lost parallelisms between creation and destruction, as they exist in nature and hyper industrialized human societies.

The times we live in times when cities are being brought down and rebuilt in our attempt to make our cities more and more capable of supporting post capitalist production and consumption pressures. This is in contradiction to the various discourses of environment friendliness and sustainability that exist parallely and form a major part of how we see the world. This slippage between what we want for our planet and how we lead our lives is a metaphor of our times. The work Construction -Deconstruction and Reconstruction works in the terrain of this metaphor.