Absence Presence

Metal, Variable, 2011

Climate changing, global warming concrete-jungles growing, natural resources depleting…In these busy times of urbanization, nuclearisation, and of negotiation, we tend to forget (or ignore) our living environment, one which is rapidly disappearing as we slip, through episodes of construction and building… We are deconstructing our given boon…

The work Absence-Presence explores this deeply chasmed relationship with nature that frames our urban utopia.This utopia (or rise of cosmopolitanism) discards nature from the environment, to later treasure it in emblems, photographs and other consumable items.

The sparrow, which has almost disappeared from the world, haunts our nostalgia… As an act of poetic intervention, in order to create a visual and narrative play,I have placed small tin-toy birds in site-specific locations: sparrows constitute an elegiac symbol, that along with several staged photographs, recited poems and few other bird’s belongings, bring to light the reasons for their disappearance and their absolute rejection to live in these man-created and dreadful environmental conditions.