Ghungroos, Board and Metal / 66 x 169 (in), 2022

Chronotope made with Ghungroos (bells), a material I revisit in my work again and again, looking at the data graph of sea surface temperature of warming oceans withreference from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) recording the heating up oceans and changing the weather patterns. The image builds pixel by pixel (with ghungroos), referring to the pace of the damage.
I find the resonance of the time to the mythological stories or doomsday prophecies from all cultures where the end of the world is presented through gory stories of catastrophes where all humans are responsible and will have to bear the consequences. It seems we are in the middle of it and do not realize the importance of changing our behaviours to sustain us and the coming generations. We logical and scientific thinkers in the age have kept our intuitive understanding of the atmosphere in a back seat. Therefore, the data graph is necessary to archive for the time.

To sustain us and other intertwined species. Ocean health is a key to holding life on the planet; we have to understand the symbiotic relationship between us, nature and other living organisms, as we are already “staying with the trouble” (Donna Haraway).

We must learn to renew and negotiate our symbiotic relationship within life’s entanglement. The data graph presented here is the latest from 2022.